• Dangerous goods and hazardous substances terminal - Emam Khomeyni port

  • Contract Owner Ministry of Roads and Urban Development – Khuzestan Ports & Maritime
    Project Description:

    • Excavation, sludge removal, and land preparation for 67000 square meters.

    • Construction of climate controlled storage units specially for high temperatures including:
    gases and flammable liquids, oxidizing chemicals, poisonous gases and etc.

    • Construction of 13 storage units (7000 square meters area) with concrete frame structure and
    all of the required cooling installations

    • Advanced fire control system according to the latest standards, including foam extinguishers
    for flammable liquids and explosion proof systems for explosive gases

    • construction of 24000 square meters of open space container storage, a concrete water tank,
    pumping station, a 33 kW electrical substation, office buildings and restaurants,