• Talesh rubber dam over Kargan Rud River

  •  Contract Owner MMinistry of Energy – Regional Water Company of Gilan Province.
    Dam specifications hight of the rubber dam: 10.5 meters (including platform), length of the rubber
    at the crest line 47 m, lake volume: 500 m3, average inlet stream flow rate 7 m3/s, adjusted annual
    volume: 5.26 m3.
    Civil works Excavation (155200 m3), embankment (86000 m3), framework (8500 m2),
    reinforcement steel (530000 kg), concreting ( 9500 m3), stonework volume (20000 m3)
    Project Description:

    • construction of the platform structure as well as installation of the rubber dam, Stilling basin,
    cut-off wall, intake towers and channels, maintenance and control rooms.

    • Improvement and expansion of the irrigation system for 2410 acres of kiwi farm, construction
    of appropriate reservoirs for pumping and transmission as well as creating tropistic attractions.